gold fuel pump in SUV at gas station

What Happens if You Put Premium Gas in a Regular Gas Car or Vice Versa?

Regular vs Premium: What Fuel Type Should I Use for My Car?

If you’re not much of a car person, chances are you’ve been choosing the same fuel grade at the pump with no mind to what the differences are. Perhaps you’re at the pump wondering if you can save some cash by switching to regular. Or maybe you’re wondering if you can safely fill up your regular gas vehicle with some of that premium petrol you have laying around. Without getting too deep into jargon, here are the rules for which fuel types you can safely use in your vehicle.

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2020 Ford Expedition on highway at night

Used SUVs with 4-Wheel Drive in Harrisonville, MO

Whatever your pre-owned needs, the Show Me Auto Mall inventory is home to a vast selection of quality used vehicles carefully picked specifically for our showroom after passing a rigorous multi-point inspection. Need something that’ll send torque to all wheels? In this article, we’ll explore our selection of used SUVs with four-wheel drive available at the Show Me Auto Mall dealership in Harrisonville, MO.

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wallet with cards and cash

Missouri Vehicle Fees: Tax, Title & License Renewal

How Much Are Vehicle Tax, Title and Registration Fees in Missouri?

Whether you’re buying a new car, saving big on a pre-owned vehicle or just renewing the plates on your trusty old jalopy, you’ll run into a few extra fees along the way. We’ve sorted through the documents to show you how much you can expect to pay for vehicle tax, title and registration fees in Missouri.

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vehicle inspection checklist

What Are the Laws for Vehicle Inspections in Missouri?

State-mandated vehicle inspections may be a bit of a pain but making sure our vehicles are running at their best is vital to keeping Missouri roads safe. As of August 2019, Senate Bill 89 made several changes to Missouri transportation laws that include less-stringent inspection requirements for the state’s motorists. The new regulations state that you don’t need a vehicle inspection until your car is 10-years old or has more than 150,000 miles on the odometer. Keep reading to learn more about requirements for vehicle inspections in Missouri and whether the law applies to you specifically.

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Gas Pump Card Reader

Three Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Credit Card Skimmers at the Gas Pump

How to Identify and Avoid Gas Card Skimmers

Introduced first in 1982, the pay-at-the-pump system has revolutionized the way we handle transactions. But as modern criminals grow thriftier in their methods, that convenience now comes with an added risk. Don’t let card skimmers trick you into swiping away personal information. Check out our tips for how to identify and avoid credit card skimmers at the gas pump.

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Father Reading to daughter

Ideas for Father’s Day in Cass County

Father’s Day 2020 Ideas and Activities for Belton, MO 

As long as coronavirus has its grips on the nation, holidays and their related festivities remain a cautious subject. Social distancing guidelines might have you straying from your typical plans, but there are still some activities and opportunities for you to take advantage of. For some ideas, check out our list of activities for Father’s Day 2020 in Beton, MO.  

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Person Filling a Fuel Tank at the Fuel Pump

Learn How To Calculate Your Driving Distance with Your Car on Empty

How Far Can You Drive Your Car with the Low Fuel Light On? 

The low fuel light in your pickup truck is an ominous indicator that we have all dealt with at one time or another. When you see that little yellow indicator on your dashboard, does panic set in? Does your heartrate go up? Do you break out in a cold sweat? Many drivers who are faced with this situation want to know – how far can you drive your car with the low fuel light on? Learn how to calculate an estimated driving distance with your car on empty with this quick guide.  

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Happy Couple Holding Car Keys in a New Car

Tips and Tricks To Maintain Your Car During Coronavirus Quarantine

How Often and How Long Should You Drive Your Car? 

Are you stuck at home with the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Kansas City area? Has it been a week or two since you took your pickup truck for a drive? Did you know that not driving your car, truck or SUV for long periods can have a negative impact on performance? If this sounds like you, you may want to know – how often and how long should you drive your car during the Coronavirus quarantine? Find out how you can keep your vehicle on the road with a few maintenance tips and tricks! 

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close up of motor oil container pouring motor oil

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

More and more cars roll out every year, and a few of the old ones are turned off for the last time. Some lasted decades, others lasted only a few years. One of the most important things you can do to keep your car going is to keep changing the oil inside it. This is true for plenty of cars, new and old. But it begs one question, how often should I change my oil? 

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dirty cabin air filter being taken out

How Do I Change My Cabin Air Filter?

Lucky for anyone planning to shifting to the DIY way of life, replacing a cabin air filter in most cars is a simple process that almost anyone can do. Even if you haven’t done any work on your car on your own before, you should know that changing a cabin air filter is one of the easiest things to learn to do. The hardest part may be finding the right air filter to use to replace your current one. 

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