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When it comes to automotive maintenance, there are important parts and there are crucial parts. We could debate what falls into each category until we’re all blue in the face, but everyone can agree your brakes pads fall among the latter group. After all, it’s your brakes that keep you from hurdling into oncoming traffic at every stop sign and red light you come across. Next time you need a brake inspection and replacement in Harrisonville, MO, visit the experts here at Show Me Auto Mall. 

How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced? 

Generally, brake pads need to be replaced every 50,000 miles. Some may last as long as 70,000 miles, while others might start to show signs of wear after just 25,000 miles of use – it all varies based on your driving habits and certain environmental factors. A more important question is how can you identify the signs of worn brake pads.  

Brake Pad Wear Warning Signs 

Screeching noise when braking  

Grinding, growling noise while driving 

Brakes are less responsive than usual 

Brake pedal sinks to the floor 

Vehicle pulls to one side while braking 

Vibration, pulsating felt in brake pedal 

Schedule Maintenance in Harrisonville, MO

Your trusted hub for all things automotive, Show Me Auto Mall employs a dedicated team of service experts that bring decades of combined experience to the table. Our ASE-certified master service technicians can handle everything from major repair projects to routine maintenance, and we service just about any vehicle make or model on the road! We have two service center locations with one in Harrisonville, MO and the other in Belton, MO. Click the Contact Us button above to connect with the Show Me Auto Mall crew. 

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