Used SUVs for sale in Harrisonville, MO

In today’s iteration of the global automotive industry, SUVs are king. Show Me Auto Mall is home to a large and diverse inventory of crossover SUVs from almost every automaker operating in the United States. There are a lot of things that have contributed to making these vehicles so popular with buyers. At the top of the list would be how adaptable the platform is for each owner. Buyers can choose among SUVs with a wide array of seating and cargo-hauling options with an equally wide range of performance specs. Additionally, SUVs have become some of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market, making native infotainment systems compatible with today’s most popular smartphone platforms.  


Which SUVs are for sale? 

There are almost no vehicle manufacturers that don’t make at least a few crossover SUVs. The difference between crossovers and regular SUVs is slight but can be very important to buyers once they take the vehicles home. A crossover SUV has what is called unibody construction which is similar to that of modern sedans. This makes them easier to handle. SUVs can also be built on pickup truck frames, which will allow them to be able to handle going off-road as well as offer more towing capacity. Some of the SUVs and crossover SUVs available at Show Me Auto Mall come from:    


• Cadillac
• Dodge
• Ford

• Honda
• Jeep
• Toyota


The Show Me Auto Mall inventory is constantly changing. New vehicles are being added to our roster almost every day. In the unlikely event you don’t see what you’re looking for right now, be sure to check back regularly to examine our new arrivals. You can contact our Belton location by calling 816-892-5101. Customers near Harrisonville can make an appointment with that location by calling 816-227-6114. 


Need help with financing? 

One of the most stressful parts of the vehicle-buying process is finding the money to complete the transaction. The financial team at Show Me Auto Mall has developed partnerships with several national and local lenders. We have experience helping people with all kinds of credit situations to find the most affordable loan terms.