Used Vehicles with 30 MPG Harrisonville MO

Are you sick of always stopping at the gas pump? We wouldn’t blame you. With the ever-fluctuating price of fuel coupled with the harmful emissions that can come from vehicles, drivers are starting to pay more attention to vehicles that offer greater fuel efficiency. That’s good, because automakers are getting smart with the way they build cars and there are more options now than ever before with excellent gas mileage. Whether your goal is to save more money at the pump or to simply leave a smaller carbon footprint on the world, we have plenty of fuel-efficient used vehicles here in Harrisonville MO that get at least 30 city and highway mpg, so be sure to check out our inventory!

Benefits of a fuel-efficient vehicle

Who wants to spend 40 or 50 bucks to fill up a car with gas? There are probably a lot of other things you’d rather spend that money on, which is why fuel-efficient cars make a lot of sense. They use less gas, and that puts you in a good position to spend less money.

Another way fuel-efficient vehicles save you money is their relatively lower production cost compared to vehicles with bigger engines. Sure, it may be fun to drive a 300 horsepower sedan, but those will guzzle gas like crazy. Fuel-efficient vehicles that get at least 30 mpgs typically have smaller engines and a lower power output, which means a lower price tag and production cost. The end result is a less expensive vehicle and a higher fuel range than vehicles with bigger engines.

If you’re an environmentalist, you’re probably aware that lower emissions from hybrids and smaller engine vehicles means a healthier Mother Nature. People are starting to take a more serious approach to environmental preservation, and that starts with driving a smarter vehicle.

We have just what you’re looking for here at Show Me Auto Mall. Our inventory is full of different makes and models to choose from, including plenty of fuel-efficient options. Learn more by contacting our team or schedule a test drive here on our website!

2017 Toyota Prius front interior